Christmas markets are in full swing in German cities.
As you pass by, the sweet and fragrant smell of sugared roasted almonds drifts.

I always buy roasted chestnuts.
It’s not as sweet as sweet chestnuts, and it’s not glossy black, but it.
There are also candy apples, chocolate bananas, cotton candy, crepes and other familiar menus at festivals.
At night, the glittering large merry-go-round, illuminated fir trees, monuments etc. are very beautiful.

During the day, there is noontime fun, a lunch break with co-workers to eat Backfish, Kartoffelpuffer, Flammkuchen and of course the famous Bratwurst sausage with mulled wine. What do cute German girls in the office like most at the Christmas market? When I asked he smiled and said, “Chocolate crepe! ” There are two types of mulled wine, white and red. White is refreshing and easy to drink . Red is definitely recommended to enjoy the richness of spices and the atmosphere of winter. When you put it in your mouth, the steam from the alcohol will make you choke, so don’t get carried away by the festive frenzy and eat it carefully !

Frankfurt’s new specialty is City Alm, and the night view and Christmas decorations overlooking from are also wonderful.
Please go and see it, this year is almost over.
I hope that next year will be blessed with good luck and that it will be a healthy and happy year.