Year-end party in Japan. I found an article that was a problem due to non-participation. pay high fees.
It’s nice to have a personal choice now to spend your precious time.

Here, instead of a year-end party, it is a Christmas party, and from around the end of November when Advent begins.
Catering and potluck are held at the office during working hours, or at restaurants on weekday evenings.

The after party is mulled wine at the Christmas market?

Depending on the company, there seems to be a homey atmosphere where partners and family members are present. Chestnut
Small exchanges unique to SMAS are also common.

However, in this season, not only work, but also school-related and learning-related gatherings overlap, so please come early.
Reservation for the venue seems to be essential.

By the way, our company enjoyed Christmas around a Chinese round table that is not a mixture of Japanese and Western styles.

Schöne Weihnachtszeit