There is a take-out Chinese restaurant in the basement of Hauptwache station that sells yakisoba and fried rice at a very low price.

You can add toppings such as spring rolls and fried chicken to your liking, and you can also add sauces such as Thai curry, peanuts, and sweet and sour sauce.
(I personally prefer it without sauce) I bought it yesterday for lunch after work.
Yakisoba + chicken + peanut sauce was 4.50€.

Can you give some change to the people in line? ⎦The homeless man who was calling out.
I usually don’t give money, but yesterday I wanted to call luck, so let’s do something nice! I gave my uncle the 50 cents I got from the change.

But… Thank you! He had eyes like 50 Cent. thank you Isn’t that what you’re saying? normally?

On the way home from work, when I pass by the nursery school, I arrange the pictures that the children have drawn themselves (there are some sloppy works that are just colored on the coloring book) on the ground. Would you like to buy a picture? ⎦ and sold to passers-by. This kindergarten often spreads and sells picture books and crafts that are no longer needed to supplement the cost of activities. Or is it part of the game?
A tolerant garden for children to sell and earn.
I didn’t want to disappoint a nice kid, so, well, they’re good at it. which one is better? Is it a rocket? 50

I gave you a cent. How much did the girl get from the side? …50 cents… thanks tou? What’s wrong with 50 cents? Nursery teacher wry smile

What is 50 cents worth these days?
You can buy bread and yogurt, right? The candy store sells rose gummies for 5 cents!
Take care of your money.