It’s been a while since German schools entered summer vacation.
Two of the tomatoes we grow on our balcony have turned red!

How to enjoy the holidays safely early this year! With this theme, there are many families who set up a pool in their garden, tour around the country in a camper, and many people who try to live in a tent.
Compared to March/April, Germany seems to have calmed down a lot, and I feel like my daily life has returned to normal. Domestic travel is booming. Not only along the northern coast, but also resort areas in the southern highlands are fully booked, and hotel prices in urban areas are rising. 

Restrictions on movement within Europe are almost gone.
If you are worried about your life at your new location due to restrictions on business trips or non-essential travel, or if you would like to tour properties online!
Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, etc. We will guide you by making full use of the online tools cultivated by working from home.
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